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Kennett Square, PA


As you begin the golfing life journey, given to you will be the opportunity to establish a solid fundamental foundation,

develop new techniques while confidently moving forward as your swing grows.

Looking at the fundamentals with all golfers, whether they are beginners or seasoned golfers, is how we begin.  The fundamentals are the foundation for everything golf.  Luckily, they are simple to learn.  During our first lesson, we will talk about your golf game, look at your fundamentals while discussing shots you may have concerns about, if any.  Before wrapping up, we will have discussed a plan for your game that will begin the golfing life journey to reach your goals.


Coaching as a passion, rather than a job, for nearly 30 years now, has developed my teaching philosophy.   What drives me is to coach you to understand the fundamentals, then polish as close to razor sharp as possible allowing the golf swing to become effortless, efficient, but mostly fun.  Our lessons together are light, focused on purpose so you leave with more knowledge about your swing and the game.

The Golfing Life 

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