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About Jim

Jim Baer lives to teach golf. With over 30 years of coaching experience under his belt, Jim continues to pursue further education so he can offer his students knowledge, insight and value allowing each to create a theory they can rely on. Whether a beginner, intermediate or expert golfer, Jim will guide you to find what works for you.

Jim believes in the simple fundamentals of the game. Building a solid foundation through mental preparation, if the first step.  But don’t think that is all you will be walking away with. Jim  shows you easy checkpoints and references so you can coach yourself and enjoy this game forever.

Join Jim in the Golfing Life and enjoy golf your way!

A New
Golfing Lifestyle

"I have taken lessons with Jim for several years now.  Every lesson is relaxing, fun and informative.  My son has joined his camps and my girlfriends and I now do our own Ladies' Clinic during the summers...FUN, FUN, FUN!

- Kelly C.

" I took lesson with Jim in Florida in 1996-'98.  My handicap went down from 21 to 9 while my enjoyment level was increased tremendously.  Thanks Jim!  Enjoy your Golfing Life!


- John P.

I've taken many lessons over my lifetime but none have been as enjoyable and informative as the ones with Jim.  It all makes sense now.  Thanks Buddy!


- Joe H.

What students are saying:  
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